Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One of Glen's bucket list items was to get over 200 in bowling. He takes a class twice a week at school and is a league with Kenyon and Kenny. Well he finally gets to cross it off his list. He got a 208! I told him if he ever got over 200 i would blog about it so here it is! Here is my bowler with his new shirt. (they give you shirt if you get over 200)

For Halloween we decided we wanted to be the hamsters form the Kia Soul commercial. The costumes were homemade but i think they turned out well. A lot of people didn't know who we were and we got really itchy from the stuffing we used to look like fat hamsters but other than it it was great! We had fun hanging out with our families.

Things I are looking forward to:
1. Thankgiving break! We need a few days of school soo bad! We also get to see our little nice Elanor so that is plus.
2. Christmas. I know its early but my tree is already up. The second Halloween is over i believe it should be acceptable to start decorating for Christmas
3. Girls trip to Vegas with the best friends to see Celine Dion in January!

4. Lady Antebellum concert on Valentines day with glen!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Food first:
I decided to be adventurous and make some homemade fruit roll-ups that i saw on Pinterest.
They tasted really good but took about 6 hours to make. Worth it? No

I have also been working on new Halloween decorations, i don't really have room for more but i cant resist. I made these with my cricut, they were supper easy.

Lastly we just have to tell you about our amazing girls team. We figured out that the guys team is 10 times easier to coach but we still love our girls. The girls were great. They made tennis a team sport, which is hard to do, and they made sure everyone was included (boys could care less about that.) What we are most thankful for is what they did for Glen when his mom passed away. All the girls went in as a team and bought two shade tree's to plant by the court in honor of his mom. It was very hard for Glen and I to not cry when they told us at practice. The tree's are in and they are beautiful. Now Glen has a little piece of his mom at courts.

This is not the whole team but just a few of them after practice one day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thank you Pinterest

Sunday I made dinner for Glen's family to celebrate some birthdays. Two of my menue items I found on Pinterest. Its my new obsession.

I made a yummy baked vegetable dish
from here:

& a peanut-butter brownie trifle
from here:

They look similar right?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A week ago we got to meet this sweet little girl. We already miss her tons and cant wait till November to see her again!

BYU's first football game was Saturday so of course i had to make a little treat to watch the game. These are just Oreo truffle's shaped as footballs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Glen's mom passed away Sunday after battling cancer for 2 years. While her passing is a sad thing we are happy to know she is back with her Heavenly Father and out of pain. I am so grateful to have known Debbie for 3 years. I see so many of Debbie's good qualities in Glen, and I can't began to express how grateful I am for the way that she helped raise Glen. I know she had a big part in the way Glen treats women and more specifically me. I am so grateful for the love of the gospel that Glen has partly because of his Mom. She always made a point to express the importance of the gospel and the temple to us. She was such a good example by going multiple times a week to serve in the Lords house. I believe that Glen got his genuine concern for people from from Debbie. She spent the majority of her life taking care of people as nurse. If any one knows Glen they know about his love for animals. I had wondered where the idea or becoming a vet or owning petting farm came from until I started hearing all his childhood stories about all the crazy animals he had while living with his Mom. Even while we had our hedgehog she was always calling and asking about it and was always in support of Glen getting other pets. We will miss Debbie a lot, but we are so grateful for everything she has taught us and the wonderful example she has been to us.

2 Years!
Sunday was also our 2 year anniversary! 2 years ago i married my best friend. I cannot believe how fast time has gone! We have not celebrated it yet due to moving and the other circumstances but i thought i would take the time to tell Glen how much i love him and how grateful i am for him! I cant even imagine my life without him!
He was sneaky and surprised me with these....

Friday, July 8, 2011


I had 3 days between my spring and summer semesters so we took a short vacation down to St. George. The highlight of our trip was going to the Little Mermaid play at the Tuachan. I have seen several plays there but this was Glen’s first. They always do an amazing job! We celebrated the 4th with a BBQ with the family at Bob’s house and fireworks at my parents.

Bob made shot glasses out of ice again, always fun and entertaining

My fourth of July treat!

Stratton was spider-man most of the night

Jen, Shay, add Kenyon came over for fireworks

The ship for the play

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eleanor Rosa Zobell

This is Eleanor Rosa Zobell our first niece! She was born June 10th. We cant wait to meet her in August! Congrats Brett & Steph!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well it doesn't really feel like summer yet, we both work part-time, go to school, and the weather is horrible. The most bitter sweet thing lately though is tennis season ends this weekend! (assuming the weather cooperates). We have loved being coaches. We had a great season with 3 out of our 5 teams going to state this weekend in Salt Lake. I think i love it the most because it reminds me of when i went to state as a player. We have put so much time and effort into tennis that we are really sad its ending but happy to have a little more time to ourselves till the girls season starts this August. We are so proud of our team and happy we at least have another year with the boys. While we really only have a few weekend vacations planned this summer we cant wait for a little more free time with each other and friends and we get our first niece in June that we cant wait for! We look forward to more weekends like the one this weekend with state, best friend Kristen in town, and best friend Shayli's birthday celebration! Happy Birthday Shay!( even though it was yesterday).
This month was also our best friend Tay Tay's birthday and we got her the best present of all! We should be her favorite siblings for this!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Here are some of our recent projects:
I used to sit on the floor and do my hair and makeup. For a while Glen has been trying to find me a little makeup desk so i wouldn't have to sit on the floor anymore. We found this for 6$

and with a little paint and wallpaper made me this:

Lastly we made these little cookies for a family party with our cookie gun.

Monday, April 4, 2011

We're back!

Once again we suck at blogging. I always try and wait till we take pictures but that NEVER happens. So I decided I would finally give a small summary of what we have been up to with the few pictures we have. First off we love being tennis coaches. It’s hard because it consumes most of our free time but it’s so worth it. It feels so good to be outside playing every day again. We love seeing the progress of each kid, and we love being entertained by the kids, and believe me they are entertaining. Most of all I love coaching with Glen. It makes it that much more fun and I know I couldn’t do it without him; although I am known as the mean coach because I love to make them run :). I know you think I don’t blog but if you ever get bored and want to see that I do blog go to our tennis blog. I don’t think you will find any interest in it but just to prove I still blog on a regular basis feel free to take a look.

Glen also got two of these:

Next pictured event we have is friend time. I feel like lately we don’t get much friend time but we did get a nice weekend at our friend Jake’s birthday party. Katie did an amazing job and to top it off she did it all with a new born baby! The decorations were cute and the food was wonderful! It was Kenny’s birthday too so we sung to him as well.

Lastly it’s a family tradition that when all the guys go to Priesthood session my mom and all us girls do something fun. This year we decided to eat at CPK and do a little shopping after. (Only my mom, Jocelyn, and I enjoyed the shopping part, Tori, Tay, and the boys weren’t too excited.) However Stratton’s new favorite movie is Tangled and to his enjoyment PF Chang’s has two giant horses that looked just like Maximums from the movie. He was mad he couldn’t ride the horse but settled for a picture instead.

We promise we will try and do better but it’s a good start for now!

Friday, January 21, 2011

V-day Crafts!

I think i like Holidays just so i have an excuse to craft! Here are some new projects...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our new job...

As you all know Glen and I love tennis! I love teaching just as much as I love playing. I have always had the dream to be a high school tennis coach and it has finally come true! It was a last minute opportunity but we took it! Timpanogos, where we both went to school, had an opening for boys and girls head coaches so we get to work together coaching both! It's gonna be a lot of work but we are so excited to be at the school where we both played!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

more pictures...

shopping in Christmas Town

Just so you can see how much food they give you...

Glen went with most the boys to the Red Wings hockey game while i went
with most the girls to see the Cirque du Soleil Christmas show.

Hockey game

Our Christmas

This year we spent our Christmas in Missouri visiting Glen’s Mom, Grandma, Brett and Steph. We had a wonderful time seeing all the St. Louis attractions, spending time with wonderful family, and having a nice time away from school. When we got back we had more great family time and got everything we wanted for Christmas! We got a lot of fun things and really were blessed this Christmas! I do have to put in a plug for my favorite present... I finally got a KitchenAid! Glen is probably sick of me talking about it but it's wonderful! I cannot wait for all the things I will make in it! It will make my baking a lot easier! So don't be surprised if the next few posts are food! We have a lot of pictures so enjoy!

Glen, his mom, and Ryun

We had to go to Lamberts again!

Outdoor ice rink! Glen is a pro!

Brett & Steph

Steph, Alex, and I

In the museum at the bottom of the Arch

View from the arch

Ryun, Debbie, Mindi, and Steph

I made peppermint meringue

Craft night with the girls before we left.