Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One of Glen's bucket list items was to get over 200 in bowling. He takes a class twice a week at school and is a league with Kenyon and Kenny. Well he finally gets to cross it off his list. He got a 208! I told him if he ever got over 200 i would blog about it so here it is! Here is my bowler with his new shirt. (they give you shirt if you get over 200)

For Halloween we decided we wanted to be the hamsters form the Kia Soul commercial. The costumes were homemade but i think they turned out well. A lot of people didn't know who we were and we got really itchy from the stuffing we used to look like fat hamsters but other than it it was great! We had fun hanging out with our families.

Things I are looking forward to:
1. Thankgiving break! We need a few days of school soo bad! We also get to see our little nice Elanor so that is plus.
2. Christmas. I know its early but my tree is already up. The second Halloween is over i believe it should be acceptable to start decorating for Christmas
3. Girls trip to Vegas with the best friends to see Celine Dion in January!

4. Lady Antebellum concert on Valentines day with glen!


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