Monday, January 9, 2012


We had a great Christmas this year. We spent it going back and forth between our parents houses. I think this year was better than other years because i didn't have to work and actually got to enjoy my time off from school. We both got the things we wanted for Christmas and got some fun surprises too! We aren't really good at taking pictures but we did get a few over the Holiday.

We went to lots of fun family Christmas parties..

Sadly we only got to see these two a little bit because they were sick :(
East wasn't feeling good and only wanted Glen all day

I went with the boys to see Santa at the mall.

Mom and dad surprised us with Wicked tickets!

This last week we went down to Arizona for Ryun's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and ceremony. The weather was so nice down there we didn't want to come back! We only have a few pictures of the wedding right now but we will post more later.