Sunday, April 26, 2009

We are Engaged!

April 24th, 2009- Arbor Day...
Who doesn't want to plant a tree on Arbor Day?... Kandace didn't want to. Her mom even made her wear jean shorts because her basketball shorts didn't make the cut. She had no idea why we were even planting the tree. Later that night, we went to the Foundry Grill up at Sundance where we found out that quality and quantity are two different things. After a quick decision on where we should have dessert, we were off to Kneaders. I called Janet while we were in the bathroom and she lit the candles for us. We walked in and I think that is when she realized I was going to propose. I sat her down and sang/played the guitar song which I had written for her. I proposed and she said, "You know I will." We slow danced to the previously recorded version of the song and I gave her a shadow box with the words of the song written inside. The shadow box also contained a tree like the one we planted earlier that day. This had some refence in which we were going to be starting our own family. We came over to her house and called friends and family. Now if she is ever mad, I will just call someone and have her tell them she is getting married. She gets all giddy and giggles.

Planting the tree...
The Ring!!!