Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where did we go?

Well, it has been a while since we posted.  Since our last post, two major things have happened; Kandace is working for Springville City on the ASAP Coalition for her internship, and Glen has finished all of his classes at BYU (Time to grow a beard).  We will both walk for Graduation in August!!!  Kandace's birthday has passed and I am sure she got everything she wanted short of a silhouette. We now have five birthdays in the month of June for both families, which we didn't have four years ago.  Those weren't the only things we did.  Below are a lot of the things that we did which took up our time. 

Timpanogos Tennis Regions Medals... Most of our spring was spent with the Timpanogos Boys Tennis Team.  We had a great season this year, sending four out of the five teams to state.  They are regulars at Kandace's parents tennis court, which is where Glen plays tennis with them all the time. 
No, Kandace has not stopped baking... These wonderful little dainties are pie bites!  One is banana cream and the other is Oreo.  While Kandace may have little time, she still finds time to bake her pastries, her favorite thing besides Glen!
We were able to make it out to our final baseball game with Glen's family.  Of course, Kandace only went for the Dip'n'dots, and Glen was tortured for four innings of baseball while no one paid attention and Mindi continually asked him family fued questions.  Kandace continually had her seat kicked for about two innings by a naughty 5 year old, who had continually sang Hannah Montanna's party in the USA.  The game then picked up and we all enjoyed it, even though BYU lost.
Last, but not least, we ran a 5k with Kandace's family.  Why are there storm troopers there?  I have no idea.  It was nice to get out and run, however, we are not the running type :)