Friday, August 27, 2010

Our new friend

Kandace walked outside into our stairwell the other day and asked what was up in the corner. I came out and looked up... and saw our new little friend. He is a small brown bat and his name is Charles. He has shown some signs of life. Does he really look that scary? He moves a couple inches, changing his spot throughout the day. I did a little experiment to see how good their hearing is. I ate potato chips below him. His ears would twitch frivolously every time I would crunch on the chips. He has done no harm to us and has posed no threat. He is growing on me and terrifying Kandace. We have called the apartment complex twice and they said they would do something about him. But they have not yet. I don't seem to mind... If you want to learn more about the bats of Utah, I found this cool pdf. I know, I am a biologist right?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My guitar history

My brother happened to do a post on his bicycle history and it was very intriguing. So I decided to do a personal history on something I am adamant about; my guitars. From guitar #1 to guitar #5. I don't have them all anymore. I ended up buying and selling them to see how good of an upgrade I could get for a small price. So far... I have spent only $50 extra altogether to upgrade from #1 to #5. It was a pretty sweet deal!

Guitar #1. Oscar Schmidt dreadnought-Got if for Christmas at age 17.

Guitar #2. Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Electric-Guitar used to win my wife over in song.

Guitar #3. Harmony acoustic guitar-forgettable.

Guitar #4. Ovation Applause AA-32-Second all time favorite guitar ever, would have kept it if not for the last guitar.

Guitar #5. Aria Hummingbird-Dream guitar (for now) and will not buy another one till after vet-school as of yesterday, according to the deal I made with Kandace.

Happy Anniversary! As of August 14th! We had a great time during our anniversary. Poor Kandace was sick the whole time though. It was hard for her to taste the wonderful food at the melting pot. We didn't realize how much food we were ordering until it was too late. Artichoke and cheese fondue, sirloin steak, shrimp, duck, veggies, salads, chocolate fondue, etc... We will definitely go again. We stayed at embassy suites for the night because we were up in Salt Lake for a wedding anyways. Great Hotel! We went there on our wedding night also. Love you Babe!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

This is going to be a long post.. We start with the 4th of July. We started it off going to the stadium of Fire with Taylor and Eric and it was so good! Carrie Underwood was Amazing! Sadly, we left our camera so no pictures of that. For the actual 4th of July ,we celebrated it at Bob's house. One of the best 4th of July parties we have yet attended! We had a great BBQ, amazing fireworks and ended the night with ice shot glasses. Thanks Bob! Also here are a few of my 4th of July crafts. Next, one of the reasons it took so long to write a new post was because we moved down to Provo. Lets just say we are not moving again till we absolutely have too! We are almost done getting everything unpacked. The best part about our new place is a large covered deck. We decided now would be the perfect time to buy a porch swing for our new deck. Glen found an old one on KSL and with a little handy work, new wood and new paint it turned out really well! We also got a new BBQ for our birthday's to really make for the perfect deck. Lastly was Amy and Jordan's wedding. Everything went perfect and Amy looked beautiful! We are so happy for them and know they have waited a LONG time for that day to come!


and after..

This is what Stratton did most the time during the fireworks..