Friday, August 27, 2010

Our new friend

Kandace walked outside into our stairwell the other day and asked what was up in the corner. I came out and looked up... and saw our new little friend. He is a small brown bat and his name is Charles. He has shown some signs of life. Does he really look that scary? He moves a couple inches, changing his spot throughout the day. I did a little experiment to see how good their hearing is. I ate potato chips below him. His ears would twitch frivolously every time I would crunch on the chips. He has done no harm to us and has posed no threat. He is growing on me and terrifying Kandace. We have called the apartment complex twice and they said they would do something about him. But they have not yet. I don't seem to mind... If you want to learn more about the bats of Utah, I found this cool pdf. I know, I am a biologist right?

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