Sunday, June 14, 2009

"They can never take our lives... but they can rain us out!"

We were having a great time at the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving point. We enjoyed seeing the Scotland Games, tents of various clans, and the Wicked Tinkers. (bagpipe band) We also saw lots of medieval Americans who enjoyed playing in armor with duct tape swords. They were even giving free sword lessons? I am sorry. A little too weird for us, but definitely entertaining. I wanted to try a nice pot of haggis, but Kandace was against me eating any kind of food there. On our way out, the rains came down, and the clouds lit up! Rain was pouring everywhere, tidal waves on the freeway. Lighting less than one mile away! (according to the lightning rule of counting seconds) Still alive and kicking. We also went to hike Stewart Falls with Jocelyn and Jared a week earlier. It was a good hike, with good weather. We passed a man who was smoking while he was hiking. He was being pretty healthy. Check out the pictures.