Sunday, October 25, 2009

FaLl TiMe

A lot has happened once again... First we had to put up a picture of our oven. When we first moved in our oven was VERY UGLY, it was yellow and didn’t match our kitchen after we painted all the cupboards. So thanks to my dad we used white appliance paint and painted our oven. It looks sooo much better now and we are very proud of ourselves! Next we got tickets to the Brad Paisley concert. While it did rain that night it was still a fun concert! Glen even gave up watching the BYU vs. Florida State football game to go listen to country. That’s how I know he loves me :). Lastly my grandpa Boppie passed away this last weekend. While it was sad, we were all happy now because now Boppie isn’t alone. He is now back with my grandma and that’s what we have to remember. Jocelyn, Stratton, and I were able to fly down to Texas for the funeral. It was good to be back in Texas again but I wish I could have stayed longer. We all remembered how funny and kind Boppie was because of the stories told at the funeral and anyone how knew him could agree. Boppie will be greatly missed but we all remember how happy he is now.