Sunday, April 10, 2011


Here are some of our recent projects:
I used to sit on the floor and do my hair and makeup. For a while Glen has been trying to find me a little makeup desk so i wouldn't have to sit on the floor anymore. We found this for 6$

and with a little paint and wallpaper made me this:

Lastly we made these little cookies for a family party with our cookie gun.

Monday, April 4, 2011

We're back!

Once again we suck at blogging. I always try and wait till we take pictures but that NEVER happens. So I decided I would finally give a small summary of what we have been up to with the few pictures we have. First off we love being tennis coaches. It’s hard because it consumes most of our free time but it’s so worth it. It feels so good to be outside playing every day again. We love seeing the progress of each kid, and we love being entertained by the kids, and believe me they are entertaining. Most of all I love coaching with Glen. It makes it that much more fun and I know I couldn’t do it without him; although I am known as the mean coach because I love to make them run :). I know you think I don’t blog but if you ever get bored and want to see that I do blog go to our tennis blog. I don’t think you will find any interest in it but just to prove I still blog on a regular basis feel free to take a look.

Glen also got two of these:

Next pictured event we have is friend time. I feel like lately we don’t get much friend time but we did get a nice weekend at our friend Jake’s birthday party. Katie did an amazing job and to top it off she did it all with a new born baby! The decorations were cute and the food was wonderful! It was Kenny’s birthday too so we sung to him as well.

Lastly it’s a family tradition that when all the guys go to Priesthood session my mom and all us girls do something fun. This year we decided to eat at CPK and do a little shopping after. (Only my mom, Jocelyn, and I enjoyed the shopping part, Tori, Tay, and the boys weren’t too excited.) However Stratton’s new favorite movie is Tangled and to his enjoyment PF Chang’s has two giant horses that looked just like Maximums from the movie. He was mad he couldn’t ride the horse but settled for a picture instead.

We promise we will try and do better but it’s a good start for now!