Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My guitar history

My brother happened to do a post on his bicycle history and it was very intriguing. So I decided to do a personal history on something I am adamant about; my guitars. From guitar #1 to guitar #5. I don't have them all anymore. I ended up buying and selling them to see how good of an upgrade I could get for a small price. So far... I have spent only $50 extra altogether to upgrade from #1 to #5. It was a pretty sweet deal!

Guitar #1. Oscar Schmidt dreadnought-Got if for Christmas at age 17.

Guitar #2. Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Electric-Guitar used to win my wife over in song.

Guitar #3. Harmony acoustic guitar-forgettable.

Guitar #4. Ovation Applause AA-32-Second all time favorite guitar ever, would have kept it if not for the last guitar.

Guitar #5. Aria Hummingbird-Dream guitar (for now) and will not buy another one till after vet-school as of yesterday, according to the deal I made with Kandace.


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