Friday, October 14, 2011

Food first:
I decided to be adventurous and make some homemade fruit roll-ups that i saw on Pinterest.
They tasted really good but took about 6 hours to make. Worth it? No

I have also been working on new Halloween decorations, i don't really have room for more but i cant resist. I made these with my cricut, they were supper easy.

Lastly we just have to tell you about our amazing girls team. We figured out that the guys team is 10 times easier to coach but we still love our girls. The girls were great. They made tennis a team sport, which is hard to do, and they made sure everyone was included (boys could care less about that.) What we are most thankful for is what they did for Glen when his mom passed away. All the girls went in as a team and bought two shade tree's to plant by the court in honor of his mom. It was very hard for Glen and I to not cry when they told us at practice. The tree's are in and they are beautiful. Now Glen has a little piece of his mom at courts.

This is not the whole team but just a few of them after practice one day.


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