Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Christmas

This year we spent our Christmas in Missouri visiting Glen’s Mom, Grandma, Brett and Steph. We had a wonderful time seeing all the St. Louis attractions, spending time with wonderful family, and having a nice time away from school. When we got back we had more great family time and got everything we wanted for Christmas! We got a lot of fun things and really were blessed this Christmas! I do have to put in a plug for my favorite present... I finally got a KitchenAid! Glen is probably sick of me talking about it but it's wonderful! I cannot wait for all the things I will make in it! It will make my baking a lot easier! So don't be surprised if the next few posts are food! We have a lot of pictures so enjoy!

Glen, his mom, and Ryun

We had to go to Lamberts again!

Outdoor ice rink! Glen is a pro!

Brett & Steph

Steph, Alex, and I

In the museum at the bottom of the Arch

View from the arch

Ryun, Debbie, Mindi, and Steph

I made peppermint meringue

Craft night with the girls before we left.


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