Sunday, June 27, 2010

It is SUMMER! We have had many projects so far this spring/summer and are happy to have finished them. I just went fishing for my first time with brother-in-law Jared and had a blast! Kandace has been working hard on homemade crafts such as: earring holders, shadow boxes and candle holders. We still have a lot of summer ahead of us and more projects and fishing trips to come.
Shadow box for Dad's birthday

Catching Croppie at the lake

Earring stand for Kay's Birthday and Candle holders

Earring stand for herself cause she liked it so much


  1. Look at you!! You are becoming so crafty! I love that earring holder. I need something like that. It looks great!

  2. Glen I have some bad news. Cows are not 25$ they are more like 200! I talked to my farmer grandpa about it this weekend who raises cows for meat. It broke my heart a little bit. this just means we are going to have to save up longer if we are going to raise a community cow.

  3. Love how the shadow box turned out! that is so neat. you crafty gal!!

  4. Much belated thank you for the nice shadow box. Love, Dad