Sunday, April 25, 2010


So, we had a little vacation this weekend before school and work start back up. We decided to head to sunny St. George (which apparently was not very sunny till the day we left). We were under dressed compared to those at Zions and it was a little to cold to hike the narrows. We did lounge by the pool and shop the outlets though. On our way back to the hotel from Zions, we happened to stop at a trading post gift shop to see if we could get a cactus for Kandace. It just so happened that this place had a petting zoo. There were donkey's, deer, horses, bunnies, al pacas, and big horn sheep. We fed them carrots and (I) pet them. While we love vacations, an end to this one was particularly disappointing because we knew when we would be able to have a next one, which is never ha ha. Or that is what it seems like.


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